Women Helping Youth was created in 2006 by Jill Weintraub, Moira Tenzer, and Debbie Schermer. It is a women’s philanthropic organization, a giving circle, established to help children in need in the greater Los Angeles area.

After searching for some meaningful way to make a difference in our community, Moira, Jill and Debbie decided to join forces to help local organizations who were improving the lives of kids in the Los Angeles area. As we began brainstorming and networking, we found that many of our friends wanted to be more involved but didn’t know how, so we created Women Helping Youth.

The concept is basic. Each member donates $1,000 annually. Through an extensive grant outreach and screening process, several potential grant recipients are identified. Ballots go out to our members in March asking that they rank the order in which they would like to see the pool of money awarded, which means members direct their donations. Based on those rankings, we award the money in May at our annual luncheon.

By stipulating that the grants be used to fund tangible, sustainable projects in greater L.A., Women Helping Youth ensures that members and supporters know exactly where their money is going and are able to see their philanthropy in action.

By combining our resources, we are able to make a larger impact than we can alone. We are successful because of the generosity of our members who believe in the power of community giving.

With a goal to grow, so that each year we can touch the lives of more children in need, Women Helping Youth welcomes your membership and support.