The Achievable Foundation

Donor Spotlight - Women Helping Youth

In spring 2013, Women Helping Youth (WHY) awarded Achievable crucial grant funding to buy key medical equipment vital to serving pediatric patients at our new Achievable Clinic.

Thanks to WHY's generosity, the Achievable Clinic is now equipped to serve pediatric patients with developmental disabilities. With the funding, we were able to purchase a digital infant scale, a pediatric vision screener, a pediatric hearing screener set, a blood lead analyzer, a blood hemoglobin analyzer, a temporal artery thermometer, a pulse oximeter with pediatric and infant sensors, a pediatric blood pressure kit, a pediatric stethoscope, two otoscopes and two opthalmoscopes.

"WOMEN HELPING YOUTH is a women's philanthropic organization committed to improving the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children and young adults in need in the Greater Los Angeles area." To find out more about WHY including their mission and services, please or visit their website,

We thank WHY for their generous support of the Achievable Clinic!