Write Girl

FACT: 100% of WriteGirl Mentees go to College
Congratulations to all of our soon-to-be graduating mentees! Our junior and senior driven workshops are really paying off.  During the course of the seven workshops, our college-bound mentees applied to more than 100 schools. Two girls have received full scholarships through the Posse Foundation; one will be attending the University of Wisconsin and the other Grinnell College. We are extremely proud of them. Over the next few weeks, many more are expected to receive acceptance letters and they will need to respond by the 1st of May. We’ve also received our earliest acceptances to both CSU and UC campuses which is something very different from years past. 

We are very grateful to Women Helping Youth for their donations to our new "pop up" college preparatory and creative writing lab. From new laptops to reference books to an interactive SMART board, all these tools are taking our college workshops to the next level. Our lending library of college reference books is getting quite a workout! It's one thing to have an administrative office, but it's quite another to be able to transform it into a vibrant college workshop space. Who knew college workshops could be so fun? We did, and clearly Women Helping Youth did too.

Our Education Support Team has many more upcoming workshops aimed at guiding the girls through their financial aid process and providing them with additional assistance as they select their schools. Look for more news in the upcoming months.

We're certain to keep our 100% success rate of sending girls to
college going strong!