Coalition for Engaged Education

Coalition for Engaged Education was established in 1994 and firmly believes that every young person has a strong flame of potential within them that must be stoked and protected. They create unique bridges between private and public sectors to bring exceptional educational opportunities to children that society deems "throw-away". One such place is LA County Probation Camp David Gonzales, a boys' juvenile detention facility. CEE brings depth of experience to incarcerated boys at Camp David Gonzales through one of their programs called C/Hope, which is a skills-based education and re-entry program that uses academic, creative arts and pro-social education to help maximize successful community reintegration. C/Hope provides the boys at Camp Gonzales, who have found themselves at a crossroads, with tools to change their trajectory from one of lifelong incarceration, gang involvement and early death to one of possibility and achievement. Over the past 11 years, C/Hope has reduced the recidivism rate of its students from the national average of 80% to 18%, in part due to their on-site program as well as their unique alumni program. C/Hope already has a successful photography program for the 25-50 boys residing at the detention center and 50+ alumni, but the cameras are simplistic and outdated. With our Women Helping Youth grant, CEE will purchase DSLR cameras, lenses, bags, HD camcorders, microphones, stereo headphones for classroom editing, editing software, memory cards, and 2 printers, including a large format printer. The new equipment will ensure that all students have hands on access to up-to-date, relevant technology that is readily being used within our communities and in the workforce. Adding video production will introduce students to filmmaking concepts (writing, production, editing, sound mixing and post production) while developing interpersonal, collaborative, and problem-solving skills. Together, the new equipment will take C/Hope's existing program to the next level, using new media as a tool for honest, engaging and reflective communication