Stone Soup

Established in 1986, Stone Soup has been providing quality care that is safe, dependable and affordable for school age children in low-income communities where 89% qualify for reduced or free lunch and 18% have special needs. Recognizing growing childhood obesity and associated health problems, Stone Soup hired a consultant 12 years ago to design a specific, purposeful nutrition and fitness curriculum. Due to successful results, the curriculum has expanded. Our grant for $23,204.26 will provide 1600+ pieces of equipment (including games, books and food play materials, balls, cones, jump ropes, hula hoops and potato sacks) to keep the program alive and keep pace with newly planned activities. Approximately 2000 children per day, grades K-8, in five school districts, will learn and participate in the Food and Fitness Fun Educational Plan. The goals of the Food and Fitness Plan are increased knowledge and awareness of healthy eating, understanding and utilization of proper hygiene and handling of food, consumption of healthier snacks and meals, greater knowledge and awareness of physical activity, and engagement in more physical activities including stretching, endurance training and strength training. Stone Soup has taken a proactive approach to obesity prevention beginning in kindergarten. The parents, too, are learning from information their children bring home from the program, which enables entire families to change their lifestyle.