Five Acres

Five Acres received a $16,875.00 grant to restore their pool in order to comply with city requirements. Started as an orphanage in 1888, Five Acres now serves severely emotionally disturbed, abused and neglected children through a variety of programs and services. Education, treatment and recreation are provided within a safe, stable and controlled environment. 130 children live in the Residential Treatment Center, most often suffering from multiple foster homes. By the time they get to Five Acres, most are trying to hurt themselves or others. Half of the residents are able to go to the local public schools. For the others, there is a school on campus that caters to their special needs. Children from the community who need a special school can enroll in Five Acres’ school. From the greater community, 1000+ children and their families receive non-residential services. In addition to academics, Five Acres offers therapeutic swimming, art, music, cooking, outdoor play, and specialized movement. The swimming program is valuable for teaching children how to swim, overcome their fear of water and advancing their abilities so they gain confidence in this and many other life skills. Free swim is also offered daily to all residents. Releasing stress and emotional strain in a healthy manner such as sports, including swimming, is a therapeutic tool at Five Acres. It is expected that the current renovation will last for 40 years and serve 130 children per year, which represents 6,600 days of fun, therapy and education for 5,240 of Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable and deserving children.