As part of a national organization, 826LA provides free after school writing workshops, drop-in tutoring and in-school tutoring to underserved students, schools, and communities through their two Los Angeles based sites. 98% of drop-in students are from low-income families and come from communities that would not otherwise have access to the free resources they offer. 70-100 children, ages 6 to 18, attend the Echo Park and Venice drop-in tutoring centers after school every day. Rooted in the conviction that teaching is most effective when it is centered on the execution of a project, student-published books are central to this program and all publications are printed, copied, and bound on site.

The Women Helping Youth grant for $17,997.02 will fund 2 new copiers and 2 new binding machines, one of each for each of their two sites. As their old machines are outdated, frequently break down and ruin projects, this new equipment will make all of their programs possible. By producing higher quality publications and conserving resources, each child will walk away with a professional-looking product, feeling the pride and confidence that comes from creating something from start to finish. At 826LA, students learn to respect their work, the creative process, and themselves. They learn to honor all of their ideas by writing them down, no matter how silly or impossible they may seem. They work alongside adults who help them push through resistance and doubt, mastering the craft of writing. They learn that everyone has the right to learn, create and share their ideas. With a goal to publish 3,000 chapbooks per year, 826LA is dedicated to supporting students with their creative and expository writing skills.