Operation School Bell

(A service of Assistance League of Southern California)

Women Helping Youth has awarded $22,676.82 to Operation School Bell for the purchase of a van. OSB provides new clothing, shoes, and personal grooming items to children from families with extreme need. Children living in poverty are often unable to attend school regularly because basic school clothing has become a luxury their parents cannot afford. Supplying them with appropriate clothing removes the pressure of not having the right clothes to wear to school, so the children are then free to concentrate on schoolwork with a new level of self confidence. By providing this service, consistent school attendance and academic achievement are encouraged, thus helping these children escape the cycle of poverty. In addition to their Hollywood facility, OSB has a mobile unit (OSB on Wheels) that travels to schools within Los Angeles Unified School District in order to distribute clothing.
The service van is being used as a support unit, providing economical and efficient transportation of stock between the main site and storage facility.The van will also be loaded with extra stock to maintain a constant supply of essentials when visiting the school sites, so no child leaves without everything he/she needs. In anticipation of such efficiency, Operation School Bell will increase the number of visits to schools from 14 to 17 sites, providing overall service to more than 2,200 children.