College Bound

Since 1990, College Bound has provided programs and services that prepare under-served students for admission into and graduation from four-year institutions of higher education. With a grant of $16,040.00, College Bound will create a Mobile College Advising & Application Program, a transportable computer lab that will give them the flexibility to reach at least 100 disadvantaged high school seniors each year by extending services beyond the walls of their office building. By targeting predominantly African American and Latino students and their families in under-served communities such as South Los Angeles, Inglewood, Compton and Carson, college advising will now be accessible to more students in more locations that are convenient to them, replicating an already successful program. The quality and depth of services are key to the success of their programs and include senior planning sessions, essay coaching, college application workshops, college application review and submission, and a college retention seminar. Students in low-performing schools often have hopes and dreams for a successful future, but don't know how to achieve them. Beset by cultural stereotypes and poor resources, the students become disengaged and disconnected from opportunities to discover their full potential. They have become accustomed to low expectations. College Bound gives students not only the tools and resources they need to succeed in their academic journey, but a community that will continue to uplift them as they become socially conscious, fiscally independent and productive citizens.