Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)

HOLA is using their $6,832.32 grant for two distinct yet interconnected projects. Part of the money will be used to purchase audio/visual equipment which will build the capacity of their current performing arts and filmmaking programs and enhance special events like sport celebrations, athletic tournaments, banquets, artist speaker series and family gatherings. The equipment (2 projectors, 2 screens, 1 portable sound system, 2 DVD players, 1 small TV) will be mobile so that it can be used throughout their buildings and will impact over 1,300 youth each year. HOLA will also purchase 6 sewing machines which will be used to teach a skill/trade, as well as to sew costumes and accessories for performances. Participants will learn the fundamentals of sewing from staff and parent volunteers who work in the garment industry, thus engaging children with their parents. In the first year alone, 48 students will take sewing classes and an additional 150 youth will benefit from the costumes these students make. Since 1989, HOLA has served children of the Rampart community with programs in academics, the arts and athletics with the mission of empowering and advancing the lives of inner-city youth. Their primary objective is to ensure that young people are eligible and prepared for post-secondary education. The campus is located adjacent to Lafayette Park and serves 1,300 children per year, ages 6 to 19. It is an oasis in the most densely populated neighborhood in LA, heavily impacted by drug trafficking, violent crimes and home to ten different local gangs. HOLA recognizes that success for these children begins with a strong fundamental foundation in the elementary and middle school years, followed by essential guidance and support throughout high school. HOLA is unique in the quality of instruction and individual attention they provide for each student. Their after school programs transform the lives of youth with highly effective social and academic development programs. HOLA provides children with urgently needed resources that address the gaping holes at school. HOLA’s two major feeder high schools have graduation rates below 50%. However, in the last two years, 100% of HOLA’s seniors have graduated and matriculated into college programs.