Vista Del Mar

Women Helping Youth has awarded $11,567.31 to Vista Del Mar for the renovation of an existing recreation/game room. Vista Del Mar is an expansive, multi-service agency whose mission is to provide comprehensive, family-centered social, educational, and behavioral health services, which encourage children, adolescents and their families to lead self reliant, stable, and productive lives. Approximately 135 youth, ages 12-18, live on campus during the year in a therapeutic residential program. Many of these children have been removed from their families by court order because of severe abuse and/or neglect, resulting in serious behavioral and emotional problems. It is not uncommon for a resident to have had multiple placements within the foster care system before arriving at Vista Del Mar. These teens have been moved from home to home for a number of reasons including suicidal behavior, aggressive outbursts, sexual acting out and emotional disorders that foster parents are unable to handle. The renovated recreation room will be a place where the children experience a sense of belonging, home and ownership, and will include 4 televisions, 4 Wii game stations and security cases, 1 Karaoke machine, billiard equipment, 1 game table with 4 chairs, 1 couch, 4 spectator chairs, Ipod and speakers, billiard equipment, paint, Plexiglas frames for residents’ artwork, and floor covering. Design of the room will reflect the interests of the residents, cultivating new interests which will contribute significantly to a meaningful life. Whether it’s hanging out or playing games with others, youth will have the chance to improve socialization skills in a healthy environment, affirming joyful activities as valuable and deserved.