House of Ruth

House of Ruth, a multi-service agency that provides shelter, and social services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence, has been awarded $21,162.88 for the purchase of a play structure. Founded in 1977, there are two shelter programs serving approximately 190 children and their mothers per year. While at the emergency or transitional shelter, these women and children can safely hide from their abuser because home is not the safest place to be. At House of Ruth, they can escape the fear and chaos of a violent home life. While in their care, House of Ruth makes children feel valued, deserving, and safe emotionally, as well as physically. Mothers are encouraged to spend time playing with their children in order to create a positive bond and happy memories. Many of these mothers have never interacted with their children in a play environment. An updated, refurbished play environment would offset the effects of what can be a difficult transition adjusting to life at the shelter. This project will also dramatically improve and enhance the shelter’s recreational setting. The playground renovation project aims to provide a safe and stimulating play environment where children can be free to explore, imagine, play and learn to socialize with other children who share their experiences. Through play and social time, these children will develop skills so they can succeed in broader areas of life.