Founded in 2000, C5LA guides high-potential youth from at-risk and under-resourced environments by offering five years of leadership development, social, emotional and academic support and guidance in the college application process. Beginning with a four-week summer camp experience in Wyoming in year one and continuing with daily, weekly and/or monthly meetings thereafter, students begin to pursue personal success, prepare for college, work and life, and become leaders in their communities. A core part of the program involves committee work to plan summer events including an outdoor rugged adventure and college tour, and culminating with a college fair they put on for other students. 72 new students each year are chosen to participate in C5LA after a rigorous selection process, with 350+ enrolled. C5LA will create the Women Helping Youth Academic Resource Center with our grant of $12,903.12, which will include computers, a printer, software, a projector, shelving, desks, chairs, a couch, armchairs and a table. It will be a safe, comfortable, and energizing space where students can perform college and graduate school research, explore and obtain higher education and career options and opportunities, learn about and apply for scholarships and financial aid, study, accomplish academic objectives, prepare for standardized tests, learn foreign languages, hold weekly newspaper and planning committee meetings, and will be a room that facilitates team work. Currently, 15-20 students share one working computer on a daily basis. With the new WHY ARC, they expect to serve 40-60 unduplicated users per day. Each year, current students (350+), the alumni community (500+), siblings and family members will have the opportunity to fully participate and directly benefit from close mentorship and updated technology which will translate into higher test scores, greater number of college applications being submitted, and more diverse college opportunities and admissions.