Center for the Partially Sighted

Established in 1978, The Center for the Partially Sighted is recognized as a premier low vision rehabilitation center and will use our grant of $18,199.00 for their Pediatric Low Vision Program. They will purchase portable equipment including 2 computerized vision assessment charts, 1 set of teller acuity cards and 1 computerized auto-refractor and carrying case. Together, the equipment will rapidly measure clarity of sight in infants and non-verbal children, including those with special needs and autism. This grant will improve examination efficiency, greatly increasing the number of children impacted. The exams will enable the doctors to rapidly test for eye muscle balance, depth perception, color vision, contrast vision and the need for glasses. Vision impairment among infants and young students can significantly affect development and academic progress, and delay developmental milestones by as much as 2-3 years. The early diagnosis of vision problems among children is vital, because the first seven years of life is the critical period during which vision develops. If diagnosed early, eye disease, the need for glasses, crossed eyes, and lazy eyes can be treated successfully. A minimum of 250 off-site examinations each year, for a minimum of three years, will be provided to under-insured or uninsured children at pre-schools, schools and local clinics, and the equipment will provide 500 exams each year at the center’s Eagle Rock office. The children to be served are particularly needy, coming from families with very low incomes, and with the purchase of specialized screening equipment, free vision examinations will be provided to a population that does not have access to vision care nor the transportation to get to a doctor.