The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company

The Unusual Suspect Theatre Company


The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company provides experiential theater-arts education and mentoring to at-risk, middle school students, living in neighborhoods that lack social/educational programs and services. They serve students ages 9-19, mostly from South LA and Pacoima. With $17,980.00 from WHY, they will purchase computers and a theatrical lighting package including, 3 Apple Macbook Pros with Qlab software, and equipment cases to transport to multiple school and detention center sites they serve. Approximately 300 youth will be inspired to write their own plays, prepare for performances, learn lighting and set-design while having a vehicle to express emotions and gain confidence under the guidance of teaching artists, who provide emotional and motivational support. With the addition of computers and software, staff can better provide multi-media design and instruction to improve set design and enhance storytelling, while filling a critical gap in access to arts education. The goal is to attract more students, who may not want to perform, into the program so they stay in school, avoid gangs, maintain a healthy outlook, pursue a positive path forward, and gain transferrable skills for secondary education and careers in the entertainment field and beyond.