Partners for Pediatric Vision

Partners for Pediatric Vision helps families of children with visual impairments by partnering with eye doctors and family specialists, as early in the diagnosis as possible, so that each family gets the education and resources that will help their child reach their full vision potential. Our grant of $10,525 will fund a comprehensive library of low vision technology and devices to demonstrate and determine how best to use children’s remaining vision for social and academic development and daily living skills. Approximately 100 children a year will have access to this library of technology that will help them and their family specialist determine the best tools to maximize the vision they have. 80% of what a sighted child learns in the first decade of life is learned through the visual system; impaired vision can negatively affect all aspects of a child’s development. By intervening immediately upon diagnosis, family specialists at PPV can educate the parents and help them access the resources and services they need