Pediatric Therapy Network

Pediatric Therapy Network is a therapeutic and early childhood development center whose mission is to lead the way in helping children, families and communities reach full capabilities through innovative therapy, education and research programs. Our grant of $24,515.00 will outfit a therapeutic kitchen and purchase feeding therapy equipment essential to establish a dedicated feeding clinic and treatment space. Approximately 140 children will be served in year 1 and over 200 by year 3. Children with feeding issues face long-term physical, developmental and behavioral challenges that impact every aspect of their lives including their health, relationships, education and long-term success. Currently PTN has 7 feeding specialists but no fully outfitted, distraction free, dedicated feeding treatment space. This grant will allow them to outfit the space they have already constructed with all the needed materials to create the feeding clinic, enabling them to take children off the waiting list and double the amount of kids they see by year 3. They hope that this will be a model that others can duplicate.