The Miracle Project

The Miracle Project is a fully inclusive theatre, film and expressive arts program focused on building communication, self-esteem, job and social skills for individuals with autism and all abilities – speaking and non-speaking. Our grant for $14,883.95 will fund The Miracle Media Project, a program that will allow the creation and production by students of quality films. Approximately 100-150 children with disabilities and 100 children without disabilities will be served through classes and summer camp. For many of these students that are challenged with communication and self-expression, having a tool like a camera can be life changing – enabling them to share visually what they struggle to articulate verbally. The impact of just seeing themselves on screen in itself builds self-esteem and confidence. In addition, the videos will become study tools for appropriate interaction and self-modeling. As they learn the skills involved in using the computers, cameras, editing technology, accessing the music and creating sound to produce and act in their own films, they will come to see that they have a place in the world, that they belong.