The Guidance Center

Since 1946, The Guidance Center has served underprivileged children, troubled children who are victims of abuse and neglect, children suffering from mental illness and/or depression, and families coping with gangs and violence. They have provided much-needed comprehensive mental health treatment to children and their families in Long Beach and Compton, helping them feel better and function more effectively in their daily lives

Stone Soup

Established in 1986, Stone Soup has been providing quality care that is safe, dependable and affordable for school age children in low-income communities where 89% qualify for reduced or free lunch and 18% have special needs. Recognizing growing childhood obesity and associated health problems, Stone Soup hired a consultant 12 years ago to design a specific, purposeful nutrition and fitness curriculum.

InnerCity Struggle

Founded in 1994, InnerCity Struggle has worked to improve the quality of education in East Los Angeles by engaging hundreds of public high school students in developing the leadership skills they need to voice concerns, raise community awareness, promote solutions, and successfully graduate from high school and attend a four-year university or college.


Since 1996, Achievable has provided crucial services for children and adults living with developmental disabilities, many of whom have multiple disabilities and associated chronic & complex health issues. Dedicated to significantly improving the quality of life for this segment of the population, they have fulfilled unmet health, financial, and social needs,