As part of a national organization, 826LA provides free after school writing workshops, drop-in tutoring and in-school tutoring to underserved students, schools, and communities through their two Los Angeles based sites. 98% of drop-in students are from low-income families and come from communities that would not otherwise have access to the free resources they offer.

Center for the Partially Sighted

Established in 1978, The Center for the Partially Sighted is recognized as a premier low vision rehabilitation center and will use our grant of $18,199.00 for their Pediatric Low Vision Program. They will purchase portable equipment including 2 computerized vision assessment charts, 1 set of teller acuity cards and 1 computerized auto-refractor and carrying case.

LACER Afterschool Programs

LACER has been awarded an $18,498.86 grant to purchase musical instruments for the music component of their arts and literacy-based after-school program. LACER’s goal is the improvement of the educational environment and opportunities for 10-18 year olds in under-funded schools in the Hollywood area and they are currently in 4 high schools and...

Vista Del Mar

Women Helping Youth has awarded $11,567.31 to Vista Del Mar for the renovation of an existing recreation/game room. Vista Del Mar is an expansive, multi-service agency whose mission is to provide comprehensive, family-centered social, educational, and behavioral health services, which encourage children, adolescents and their families to lead self reliant, stable, and productive lives.