Haven Hills

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Haven Hills was established in 1977 and is a full-service agency providing safety and support to victims of domestic violence, specifically in the San Fernando Valley. They offer shelter, crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy and activities to support increased economic opportunities to low income families in Los Angeles County who are victims of domestic violence. Their 18-month transitional program provides low-income women and their children an opportunity to break the cycle of violence while living independently in a safe, secure environment. The children, most of whom are already functioning below grade level due in part to their previously abusive home life, face an additional challenge of suddenly being uprooted and enrolled in a new school, far away from what was once familiar. They are all at a distinct competitive disadvantage and none of the children have access to a computer in their home. Their grant of $7,119.00 for a computer lab will enable the children to complete homework assignments, school projects and research, thereby helping them to keep pace with other students in their classes, as well as develop their own sense of self-sufficiency. This lab will include 2 PC's, 2 Mac's, 1 printer, software, and 3 desks, and approximately 30+ children per year, ages 8-18, will have supervised access to the computers every day. It will help steer these children on a positive academic path for the future by providing them with skills and learning experiences that they will carry and utilize throughout their academic careers and into adulthood.